Ever Heard of Postnatal Depletion?

Shockingly, most of us are walking around with postnatal depletion, at least to some extent, and yet most of us have never even heard the term before. So, what IS postnatal depletion? Traditional cultures across the globe have entire systems in place to ensure that postnatal depletion does not happen for their new mothers. Here…

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Self-Care for the Breastfeeding Mom

self care breastfeeding

Self-care has become a “thing” recently in our culture. Hooray! Personally, I find it encouraging to witness people prioritizing their physical, mental, and emotional health in order to be their best selves. In my opinion, self-care is especially vital for mothers. It’s so easy to constantly put ourselves last all day every day. Truth be…

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Has Anyone Told You Today? “It’s Okay.”

postpartum wellness and healing

Our culture focuses a whole lot on pregnancy and new babies and not a whole lot on postpartum. So much so that many of us are lucky to experience baby showers filled with trunk-loads of gifts for our new baby. We download pregnancy tracker apps on our phones and read detailed day-to-day updates on how…

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